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NTX Practical Shooters Match Information

New Shooter Orientation

Come out and join us!

Our club hosts IDPA matches on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Jacob's Plain Gun Club in Greenville, TX.  Our matches consist of no less than 6 stages designed to be challenging, fun and practical.  Membership in NTXPS is not required to participate in our matches but being a member does provide for up to a 50% discount on match fees.  In accordance with IDPA rules, newcomers may shoot one match at NTXPS prior to joining IDPA.  Being an IDPA affiliated club, we must require IDPA membership before shooting another match with us.  You may join IDPA at your second match by requesting and completing a membership application and turning it in, along with IDPA membership payment to NTXPS.  You may also complete your IDPA registration online at the IDPA website, but must present your IDPA membership card before shooting another match at NTXPS. 

Match Fees

Match fee discounts apply to members of NTX Practical Shooters.  Effective October 1, 2014 fees will be:

NTXPS non-member:  $30 (includes range and match fee)

NTXPS members:  $20 (includes range and match fee)

Match Times

Matches are expected to last, set up to tear down, around 4-5 hours depending on the number of shooters and on how many volunteers are able to help set up and tear down equipment.  In general, the following times are followed for our matches.

New Shooter Orientation
SO Stage Walk-through
Safety Briefing
Hammers Down

Match results are posted on our Match Results page and in general are posted within 24-hours of the match.

Range Rules

Jacob's Plain Gun Club is a cold range meaning that during matches guns are unloaded, magazine out and hammer down except while firing.  You may not handle your gun at any time during the match unless you are under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer or in a designated safe area.  If you don't know where the safe area is, then please ASK.  Your vehicle is not considered to be a safe area. 

Safety Officers and Score Keepers

Our Safety Officers (SO) are all volunteers of the club and have received training from IDPA in order to ensure each squad is safe and in compliance with official rules that govern this sport. 

Our SOs are charged with the following main duties:

  • Keep the shooter and other participants in the match safe
  • To help the shooter complete the course of fire safely and correctly
  • To manage the shooter while negotiating the course of fire with clear and concise range commands
  • To ensure all shooters compete fairly and safely by enforcing IDPA rules

Respect between our SOs, Score Keepers and participants are an essential part of our shooting environment.  SOs have authority over their assigned squad, with ultimate authority falling on the Match Director.  All shooters, irregardless of experience in IDPA and handling firearms, must obey instructions given by the SO and/or Match Director while on the range. 


The success of our matches depends on our participants.  NTXPS is a non-profit, all volunteer association and all participants are expected to help out by setting up, target taping,  and to restore the bays at the end of the match. 


Shooters will be assigned to a squad during check-in.  You will remain with this squad during the match and move to each stage together.  If you are shooting with friends or family, efforts will be made squad your group together but arriving early for registration is the only guarantee of being assigned to a specific squad.