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Local IDPA Clubs (Besides NTXPS)

NTX Practical Shooters Club News

  • NTXPS 2nd Anniversary Match
  • Club Champion - Donny Wright
  • Most Accurate - We had a tie -- Benjamin and Dale Goodwin. Dale won in the tie breaker because he had no hits on a non-threat.
  • High Senior - Jerry Iseli
  • High Lady - Memarie Lawrence
  • High Junior - Ashton Lawrence

  • 1st Place Marksman - Neil Stahl
  • 2nd Place Marksman - Jerri Iseli
  • 3rd Place Marksman - Ashton Lawrence
  • 4th Place Marksman - Moises Mendoza

  • 1st Place Novice - Daniel Rose
  • 2nd Place Novice - Paula Duncan​

  • NTXPS hosted its annual charity match on December 12, 2015.  Over $600 in cash and toys were donated to the Salvation Army in Greenville, TX.  

  • NTXPS By-Laws Adopted  By a majority vote at our September 2015 match, the proposed revisions to the club by-laws were adopted and implemented. 

  • NTXPS 1st Anniversary Match.    Our first anniversary match has come and gone - and  we had 28 shooters signed up to participate with a prize table worth over $750.   Awards were as follows:   

                 Overall Match Winner             John Lawrence

                 1st Place Sharpshooter          Donny Wright

                 1st Place Marksman               Tim Trower

                 2nd Place Marksman              Jeff Coursey

                 3rd Place Marksman               Glen Duncan

                 1st Place Novice                     Jerry Iseli

                 2nd Place Novice                    Brain Davidson

                 3rd Place Novice                    Ashton Lawrence

                 Junior Champion                   Ashton Lawrence

                 Lady Champion                      Memarie Lawrence

                 Senior Champion                   Glen Duncan

                 Most Accurate                        Moises Mendoza

  • NTXPS, Jacob's Plain Gun Club and Critical Defense Group Donate $685 to needy children.  During the NTXPS monthly match on December 13, 2014 30 shooters from around the metroplex donated cash, toys and clothing to needy children through the VFW and Boyles Children's Home of Greenville, TX. 

  • Membership with NTXPS has it's privileges.  NTXPS has worked with several local businesses, ranges and defensive trainers to secure a variety of discounts for those who hold current membership with the club. 

                  Baker's Ribs (Caddo Mills, TX)                   10% off meal

                  Jacob's Plain Gun Club                              Waive annual range membership initiation fee

                  B-Tactical                                                   $12 Range Fee

                  Critical Defense Group                               $50 off any regular priced course

                  Ammo Depot                                              3% off ALL cash sales (guns included)

  • Effective October 1, 2014 range and match fees will be the following

                        NTXPS Club Member range + match fee             $20

                        Non-Member range + match fee                          $30

  • NTXPS Board of Directors -   Effective October 1, 2014, the initial Board of Directors for NTXPS was appointed.  John Lawrence has been appointed as President/Treasurer, Rico Jacobs - Vice President, and Memarie Lawrence - Secretary.  These individuals will serve as the initial BoD until such time as there is enough of a membership base to hold a vote of the members.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at